Rupie’s integration with Greenhouse allows you to import existing jobs from Greenhouse into Rupie. In order to do that, you will need to generate an API key for Greenhouse's Harvest API with the appropriate permissions.

Configuring the integration

Step 1: Log into your Greenhouse account and click on the Settings gear icon

Step 2: Go to Dev Center->API Credential Management

Step 3: Click on the Create New API Key button then add a description for your key and select "Harvest" as the Type

Step 4: Copy your API key and store it someplace safe

Step 5: You'll need to set the appropriate permissions for the API key. It's best practice to only select the permissions that you'll need for each key. To allow importing jobs to Rupie, you'll need to select "GET: List Job Posts", "GET: Retrieve Job Post for Job" and "GET: List Job Posts for Job". After selecting those three permissions, click "Update"

Step 6: Log into Rupie, click your avatar in the upper-right to open the menu and select "Integrations"

Step 7: Select the Greenhouse integration

Step 8: Select the "Settings tab"

Step 9: Paste the API key you copied from step 4 into the text box and click "Save"

Importing Jobs

Rupie can import Job Posts from Greenhouse. Note: the Greenhouse Job must have an associated Job Post in order to be imported.

Step 1: Log into Rupie, click your avatar in the upper-right to open the menu and select "Integrations"

Step 2: Select the Greenhouse integration

Step 3: Click "Import Jobs"

Step 4: Select jobs to import and click "Next". If there are no jobs listed or you receive an error, please refer to the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page.

Note: If the job has already been imported, it will be marked with a warning that importing it again will overwrite the existing job post. Any changes made to that Rupie job after the last import will be lost.

Step 5: Verify the jobs listed are the jobs you'd like to import and click "Save" to begin the import process or click "Back" to make changes

Step 6: After clicking "Save" in Step 5, the import will take place and each job that was selected for import will be listed with its import status. You may click "View Jobs" to view all of your jobs.


When I click import jobs I don't see any jobs listed and receive an error:

If the Import Jobs page does not list any jobs, verify that:

  1. You have jobs posts that are active in Greenhouse (note that "jobs" are not the same as "job posts")

  2. The Greenhouse API key has been saved in the "Settings" tab of the Rupie mentioned in Step 9 of the configuration steps above

  3. The Greenhouse API key has the appropriate permissions to get job posts from Greenhouse mentioned in Step 5 of the configuration steps above

The import takes a long time:

This is to be expected during large operations. Try selecting a smaller number of jobs to import at a time.

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