Rupie pricing is unique in that you’re charged for each qualified candidate introduction. This accelerates your hiring process because Rupie is incentivized to make sure that each candidate introduction is a quality introduction. This unique model reduces the time and cost per hire. Rupie only charges you for the candidates you approve.

After you've launched a Beacon for talent, Rupie scans talent channels and matches candidates to your role. Rupie will always discuss the role with candidates to confirm interest before introducing you to the candidate. Once Rupie has identified an interested candidate the process will be as follows:

  1. Once the candidate has confirmed interest, Rupie sends you an email alerting you of a new talent match for your role.

  2. In the email, we include expert talent notes about the candidate, top skills, and years of experience.

  3. From the email, you can approve or select not qualified. You’ll only be charged for approved candidates.

  4. We recommend approving within 24 hours while candidate interest is at its peak. You will only be charged for Approved candidates.

  5. When approving the candidate, you’ll be given the opportunity to connect with the candidate via the Rupie introduction process that sends a system-generated email to both you and the candidate making the introduction. You can also reach out to the candidate directly if you prefer.

If the candidate is not qualified, you will be prompted for feedback so we can improve future matches.

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