Rupie charges for every talent introduction. If expectations are not met for talent being a match, Rupie can process a refund for the introduction.

Refund Eligibility Reasons

  • Criteria Mismatch - Criteria mismatch can occur when we deliver talent to a Beacon and one or more expectations were not met. Rupie guarantees a 60% candidate match based on:

    • Skills

    • Location

    • Work experience

    • Salary requirements

  • Duplicate Talent - Duplicate talent can occur when a candidate is introduced by Rupie to a studio twice across one or more Beacons in the same 12-month period.

  • Unable to Reach Talent - If you reach out to the candidate within 72 hours of being introduced and the candidate does not respond.

Refund Ineligibility Reasons

  • Studio has talent in its existing database. The Rupie value proposition includes warming candidates to the role and company. Rupie can generate talent introductions, even for previously unresponsive talent.

  • Talent is more than a 60% accuracy match for the role. Beacons are a learned process in which talent drops improve over time, however, all matches should be at least a 60% accuracy match for the role skills and experience.

  • Talent is a culture mismatch or not a match based on criteria that do not include skills, location, work experience, and salary requirements.

Refund Procedure

  1. Send a request to your contact at Rupie requesting a refund, or email

  2. Your Beacon may be paused for 24 hours after your refund request is made to investigate the refund.

  3. If the refund meets the criteria, the refund will be issued.

Rupie's refund policy is subject to change.

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